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    Should be a simple task - upgrade VSE8.0 to 8.5

      Due to a history of almost finishing things, we have a mix of ePO3.61, ePO4.0, VSE7.1, VSE8.0, VSE8.5 (and soon VSE8.7). I'm trying to bring some bits up to date bit by bit and I've run into a problem that I'm sure must be simple to solve, but I can't work out how.

      Here's the background -
      We have about 18,000 hosts, mostly on agent or
      Most of these are on VSE
      I'm trying to bring the 600 or so that are still on 8.0 up to date on the VSE front.

      If possible, I would prefer not to push out an 8.5 install job to the root of the organisation. One main reason is that we have some servers which are still on 8.0 but we *cannot* fire ahead and update them without jumping through many, many hoops.

      What I want to do is push the job only to the 600 hosts that actully need them. I was able to push the ePO agent to a similar set of hosts using the "New Systems" button on the Systems tab and pasting in the list of machine names.

      I know that I can select each of the 600 hosts and manually click on "Modify Tasks on a Single System" but we're talking a lot of clicking here, not to mention that I have to generate the job from scratch for each machine.

      So, given that we have <5% of our machines which need to be modified, and these machines are spread right across the organisation (from an ePO tree point of view), what's the best way to do this ?

      I had thought of having a tag criteria that matches on the presence of VSE8.0 and then running the deployment against machines with that tag, but I think I was overly optimistic as I can't see how to do that either.

      Any help greatly appreciated.