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    McAfee ESM and Tenable Security

      We have been feeding ESM vulnerability data from the output of Nessus 4.4.2 nbe files.  This has been working failry well, but now we are migrating to Security Center 4, which is a whole different animal.  There's an API guide available that shows the call for extracting vuln data from the SC4 repositories, but before I dust off my Python references, I wanted to reach out and see if anyone has actually gotten this working and what they had to do.


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          You can continue to import individual Nessus scans with SecurityCenter


          Page 634 of the NitroSecurity NitroView User Guide indicates it's support for importing nessus (XMLv2), and .nessus (XMLv1) formats.  To export individual Nessus scan results in one of these formats, login to SecurityCenter as an Organizational user, on the top menu, select Scanning, then Scan Results.  Select the desired scan result, then select the Download button at the top right.  You will be presented with the option of Nessus v1 or v2.  The result will be packaged in a zip file, which will need to extract.  The follow Nitro's instructions for importing.

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            Thanks, I knew about the nessus formats, not about how to extract the info.  I noticed the command generatenessus in /opt/sc4/bin.  Is that a commandline function of the same thing?  I'd like to generte the scan, then push the data over.  Also, is there a way to do one massive extract instead of a particular scan, I wanted to to an inital populate of the current assests?


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