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    Mcafee VirusScan 8.8  On Access Scanner not Running/working after Instalation and Reboot


      I've deployed Mcafee Virusscan Ent (with Patch 1 included) on some Windows 7 and Windows XP Workstations all of them being Fist Time Installations.

      Recently i have been checking a few Workstations to see if the On Access Scanner is working properly and all but one Workstation On Access Scanner  was not running/working properly.


      The Workstation which The On Access Scanner is not working/running on had Norton Antivirus on it before i deployed VirusScan 8.8 on that Workstation but after i deployed the software Norton was Uninstalled by the agent and Mcafee Virusscan was installed.


      I have since reinstalled the VirusScan Manually and on Completion of Installation, the On Access Scanner Worked fine but after i got the regular prompt that i need to "restart the computer so the network drivers, port blocking,etc can be activated. After i reboot the Computer and right click on the Mcafee Tray Icon and go to  Quick Settings - -> On Access Scan Statistics Everything is saying Zero (meaning No Files is being Scanned) and even when i download the test antivirus from eicar.com to the computer it jus download fine Mcafee do not detect or remove it unless u scan the file manually.


      Anyone can help me or tell me why On Access Scanner would work after completing installation of the Software but stop working after a reboot ? ?


      I have checked my Logs and no record of errors or nothiong is in there.


      Any Help Appreciated

      Thanks Much