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    Full scan found issue, didn't fix.

      as the title says - I have run a full scan and it has found 2 issues - 2 files infected by viruses. However, looking at issues fixed, only one infected file has been fixed. Why hasn't the other one and how do I fix it, please?

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          Maybe a reboot is required or redo the scan in Safe Mode.


          In Safe Mode you can do that by either right-clicking the icon near the clock or opening Computer and right-clicking the hard drive.  In either case you can select to run a scan from the right-click menu.


          All you'll see is activity on the icon near the clock and hovering over it will tell you what stage it's at.

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            I'll give it a go once this scan has finished - there are now 3 issues and only one fixed. By the clock, I assume you mean the bottom right-hand side one and right click the Mcafee icon? As for what stage it's at - is that the % completed? Thanks for the quick reply.

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              Yes the icon on your taskbar.   Howevering over it will tell you whether it is scanning and % thereof or finished.  

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                Got them all with another sweep in normal. However, now my Firewall is turning itsef off and when I click turn on, it lasts less than half a second - should i still safe mode scan or is this an unrelated problem? Thanks for all of your help so far.

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                  You could try a Safe Mode scan just in case.  Also I might suggest a scan using Stinger and Malwarebytes Free both are in the last link in my signature below.


                  Uninstall Stinger afterwards as it has to freshly downloaded whwnever you need it - it has no built-in updater.  Keep MBAM though if you want but if you ever need to reinstall McAfee you will have to temporarily uninstall MBAM in order for the installation to complete properly.

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                    Did a safe mode scan and caught it all. Having to do the Malare as well now - will download stinger and do that too. Firewall got turned off and then I had something take over the entire screen (no more windows explorer) and claim me or malware (so me indirectly) was looking at zoophilia or paedophilia and should pay £100 in 72 hours or be investigated by the police...

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                      The best thing when those fake scares take over is DO NOT CLICK ANYTHING but do a brute force power down immediately.  So you'll lose whatever you were working on, that's better than activating the malware which will happen if you even touch it.


                      Then boot to Safe Mode and activate System Restore by going to Start>Run and typing in rstrui.exe (in Vista/Win7 you can simply type that in the Start/Search box and then select it when it appears above) then try to restore to a point well before all this happened.


                      If successful temporarily disable System Restore to delete the infected restor point and update everything - McAfee and Windows, including IE and all its add-ons (important even if you don't use it).