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    Metropolitan Police UKash scareware



      I seem to have been infected with the above virus/malware, started getting pop-up this evening.  I've managed to get round it with some help from this forum (https://community.mcafee.com/message/218231#218231 ) but have a couple of extra questions, dunno if you guys can help out?


      1 - I've removed the 0.64etc.exe file that the previous link refers to.  The pop-up isn't happening anymore.  I checked my start-up info but there isn't anything that jumps out at me in there.  The only one I can see is stored on a file path I can't access HKCU/etc etc.  Anyone know how I access that or could it be that this version of the ware doesn't require it?


      2 - Just before this happened my wife was using our laptop and clicked 'enable' on a pop-up refering to doubling our battery life - could this be the cause of it?


      I'm obviously running a McAfee scan etc now.  Any answers or pointers would be great.