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    unable to download product (due to Mcafee Security center repeatedly saying My computer was at risk)

      for the past few months after I renewed my subscription, my Dell computer would slow down and McAfee would pop up saying that my computer was at risk etc.


      I followed instructions from the following pages:






      I followed the steps to remove Mcafee, then run MCPR.exe, then run the pre-install software. After which I logged into my account to download and install Mcafee. This is where is gets better - I get the Licence Agreement page.. however only with a 'I disagree' button.. nothing for me to Agree or click Next etc.. does anyone know why?


      One curious thing I noticed on my account page was that my Home PC was listed twice - I deactivated the Licence on the second listing, but that still didnt enable me to download Mcafee.


      Any tips? I am a little fedup of this