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    McAfee Internet security and antivirus plus problem

      Hi, i want to ask to you about my problem.

      I have a lenovo z370 laptop. It had McAfee Antivirus plus trial edition default. i bought McAfee Internet security to protect my network and installed to my laptop.

      Some times later, my computer warned me "your computer at risk". when i controlled there was no internet security on my computer. There was antivirus plus and its trial period had finished.

      I installed internet security again. This event repeats usually (4-5 times in six months). Now i am installing it again.  i dont want install internet security again and again.

      There is no one uses my laptop, and i am sure i didn't uninstall internet security. 

      Can you help me please?

      Thank you.


      PS: i am sory, my english is not good enough. i hope, i could describe my problem.