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    Why can't 8.8 find Windows live security platinum


              I’ve been asked why Mcafee is not detecting Windows live security platinum. We had a few systems infected and running latest dats with 8.8 and none of them detected it.


      We install free version of malware bytes and it finds it and cleans it.


      My problem is that I know that we need to submit the infected file to mcafee so it ends up in the dats, but why would mcafee not have this in there yet, but malware bytes finds it with no problem.


      This always brings up question amongst my techs as why are we running mcafee is it doesn’t find a lot of these viruses. They always say it seems free products can find infections that mcafee cannot.


      I know not one product finds all, but just don’t understand why mcafee cannot find this infection that’s been out for a while and while others can find it.


      It just seems like mcafee is always behid the ball on some of these infections.


      Maybe mcafee should by malwarebytes and incorporate it into thier product.