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    Problems with iOS 4.2.1



      i have problems with iPods and the iOS Version 4.2.1.

      In the EMMConsole under Helpdesk the iPods with iOS 4.2.1 arent available.

      There are only iPods with iOS 5.1.1.


      I login with the same user on both iPods.

      On both iPods the recommended apps are available and i can install them.

      But the PushNotifications (publish profile and package) dont work on the iPod 4.2.1


      The differences between the iPod with 4.2.1 and 5.1.1 are:

      - no APNI in the McAfeeEMM-App under general information

      - Enterprise Activation-Profile dont exist on the iPod with 4.2.1




      Any ideas?

      Is something wrong with the certificates?


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