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    VDSL +pppoe

      Are there any Problems regarding pppoe connections to VDSL Providers?


      I wonder if the pppoe driver, built in the snapgear device are to old !!!


      Trying to setup a Speedport 300HS @ ISP 1und1 with no success!

      As described in certain postings, German ISP "1und1" settings has to start with H1und1/ptxxxx-987@t-online.de  and vlan tag 7 !!!


      As per Tom Essebier:

      > Is it possible with SGs to bypass traffic with vlan tag 7? (i am not quite

      > sure, if this has someting to do with "Enable Port-based VLANs")

      Port-based vlan is 802.1q between eth0 and the built-in switch that eth0 is

      connected to - so we tag going out eth0, then untag when it gets to the


      so that it goes out whatever port(s) untagged, but separated from the other

      streams. as its doing tagging for specific ports only, and no other


      gets to see the tags (usually) its called port-based vlan.


      To get vlan-7 frames to 'go somewhere' just "ADD vlan" on the network

      setup screen.

      Use Port-B (presumably that's where your router/isp/modem/vdsl is).

      Chose '7' as an id. That's it.


      But this is not working...