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    McAfee Agent 4.6 Patch 2 Crashing on Macs




      We began testing the new version of McAfee Agent 4.6 that was released to world yesterday to add support for Mountain Lion. Our test scenerios involved both upgrading the old 4.5 to 4.6 Patch 2 and also a fresh install of just 4.6 Patch 2. The testing was carried out on a Mac Mini and a Macbook both running fully patched versions of Lion. On both systems and in the different scenerios the agent crashed, even on restart the agent would start and then crash shortly after. We are in the process of submitting crash reports in an SR but I wanted to make everyone aware and ask if anyone else is experiencing these issues.



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          After further testing we discovered that the crashing maybe related to having the old McAfee Security for Mac 9 product installed. We changed the upgrade/install path to send a remove task to get rid of the old MSM product, then upgraded the agent to 4.6 patch 2 and then installed the new 1.1 security suite with MSM 9.2. (Version numbering and product names are horrible with this product line) This method worked on multiple test systems and the agent continued to work correctly. The agent activity logs show normal activity and that it is working correctly. We are going to try upgrading Lion to Mountain Lion with the upgraded version next to see if continues to work.