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    Problem with clipboard protection rule


      I am new to McAfee DLP and I experience a problem with clipboard protection rule. Please provide me some help or link to documentation.


      I am using DLP for Endpoint

      ePO 4.6.3 Build 197


      And this is the steps how I am testing this problem:

           1. I have created TEXT PATTERN “secure” which contains only one word “secure”.

           2. Classification rule which applies CONTENT CATEGORY “secure content” if TEXT PATTERN “secure” was found in the document.

           3. I create a new APPLICATION FILE ACCESS RULE “secure content notepad” which shoes notification if user opens text document with “secure” in notepad.

                This rule works correct.

           4. But when I try to create a CLIPBOARD PROTECTION RULE for “secure” text it doesn’t prevent me from copying and pasting content to the other document.

           5. CLIPBOARD PROTECTION RULE settings

                a. Apply to all applications. I didn’t check any applications hear.

                b. I leave blank field for specific application window.

                c. Check CONTENT CATEGORY “secure content”

                d. Allow paste operations inside the current document only.

                e. Block action is checked.

                f. Apply to “everyone” group which contains Domain Computers, Domain Users, Domain Administrators and Local Users.


      If you need more information please let me know.

      Thank you for your help.

      Sorry for my bad English.