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    Migration of Enterprise Security Manager - Previously Nitroview SIEM into Centralized Location

      Hi Folks,


      I have a migration activity planned where in Nitroview (or) Enterprise Security Manager is deployed in decentralized locations or remote sites and I need to migrate the same into a centralized location (data centre). I have the following queries for which I havent received any updates.


      1. The Hardware is ETM-X4 and is there any approach of shifting the hardware to a centralized location will hold good. I am talking about "AS MOVE APPROACH". Or is there any process to be followed in migrating the hardware to a new location

      2. If the answer for Point 1 is NO - then if I need to install a new SETUP altogether, how is the old events or configuration be migrated to a new SETUP.


      Thank You

      Syed Hasan