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    Temporary Disable

      Hi. I purchased my computer through my university with Mcafee Enterprise 8.7i preloaded. I recently got a virus that I couldn't remove after trying Mcafee as well as Malwarebytes. I was able to work with a professional from malwarebytes who walked me through getting rid of it up untill he instructed me to use combofix to finish removing the infection. Mcafee stops this program when it attempts to run so I tried to temporarily disabled the scanner to let it run. In the viruscan console I clicked disable but after a few minutes Mcafee re-enables itself??? I can't find any options to keep it disabled or even unistall Mcafee for that matter. Can anyone help with this? I apologize if I'm posting in the wrong forum but any help or direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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          Peter M

          Moved from Home Products to VSE for better attention.   Someone will answer soon I trust.

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            Your system is managed by ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO), meaning, the product has come with an "Agent" installed, and the agent is there to enforce the policy willed upon you by the ePO administrator.


            Since you do not see how to remove it either, it suggests the admin has also hardened the product installation to hinder your efforts to remove it.


            The "right" thing to do is to work with your admin to clean up your system.

            If there is no such agreement in place, and you simply have to adhere to their policies because your system is at times on their network but maintanance of the system is entirely your responsibility, then that is quite the arrangement ... but you can get around the policy enforcement by stopping the McAfee Framework service.  Please, only do so as a temporary measure; disabling it permanently would mean your next infection is right around the corner.

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              Thanks for the help. Yea I only intend to do it long enough to run this program. Can you explain how I would go about temporarily stopping the framework service and then enabling it?

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                Try googling how to control windows services - that should set you on the desired path.


                If you're not sure you have administrator privileges on the system or not, you'll know soon. Only an admin can stop services.

                And if you're not an admin there's no point trying to do more - you should talk to your ePO administrator or whomever gave you the system.

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                  Yep, found the service but don't have the access to stop it. Just seems odd to me they can sell me a computer and I don't have the ability to alter it when other students use the network with PCs bought outside the school oh well. Guess i'll take it to support when classes start up. Thanks though I appreciate the help!