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    YouTube Application Control customer feedback request

      Now that we've introduced the YouTube Application Control rule set that allows you to view specific videos by video category, uploader name, keywords in titles & descriptions, I want to know something. I'd like to understand how everyone is implementing this.


      Would you please take a couple of minutes to respond to the list or Private Message me and tell me:


      What are the use cases?

      Why do you use the feature?

      What kind of organization are you?

      Have you noticed a distinguishable difference in the reduction of bandwidth after it was implemented?

      Any general comments.


      Having the  web gateway make calls into the YouTube API to gather metadata about the video and take action on it is and interesting corner case that I don't see a lot of competitors doing effectively (if at all). Although it may seem like an esoteric capability,  I want to know how useful it is for real customers.


      There are a lot of cool things that web gateway can do if the right rules rules are applied. This is just one of them.

      Many of the ideas come from you. Things like Site Review forms, Remove Facebook Chat pagelet, and others in the Online Rule Library are from use-cases we hear about.

      Any other ideas you may have?


      Please let me know.

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