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    Can someone help me figure out what is going on with this website?


      Before I post the site, I want to explain our use of WebWasher. We are a public library system and use the product for our public internet computers. Most of the sites visited are sites people would normally view from home, not sites you would expect to see viewed in a typical business setting. We only block categories such as pornography, nudity, sexual materials and malicious sites.


      The website we are having problems with and getting daily complaints from customers is http://payday411.com/


      When you type a zipcode and click "Go", it just refreshed the page and returns to the same URL. If I try to access the site using a direct connection to the internet, it works fine, I get a results URL such as: http://payday411.com/list.php?p=46206352&z1=73102&z2=Oklahoma%20City&z3=OK


      I looked at the site using Firebug and notice there is a "302 found" result for the longer URL listed above (see image below). I'm guessing this has something to do with it, but can't figure out how to use this information to allow the site to work.





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