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    API to remove Encrypted users


      I need to remove EEPC encryption users from a lot of machines and would like to use the API for this. I need to query all the users assigned to each machine and remove all of them. Has anyone done somthing like this?



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          Possibly this might be the command you want to do the deletion but what i'm unsure of is if there is a command to list the current assigned users.




          eeadmin.deassignUser systemNode nodeId dn dnType

          Endpoint Encryption user/group de-assignment, allows LDAP users or groups to be de-assigned from an ePO Node or ePO Branch

          Change and view user management

            systemNode (param 1) - True if nodeId refers to an ePO System, False if nodeId refers to an ePO Branch

            nodeId (param 2) - The ID of the ePO System or ePO Branch to de-assign from

          dn (param 3) - The LDAP Distinguished Name to be de-assigned.

          dnType (param 4) - DN Type, 1 = User, 2 = Group, 3 = OUs (required to avoid an LDAP query)


          Not sure if you've already got it but this tool https://community.mcafee.com/docs/DOC-2931 is very handy to view all the possible API commands


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