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    Whats the point?

      I  Have recently had the west yorkshire police virus scam ransomware on 25th July and been forced to restore my system to a previous date to prevent it being locked. This latest varient wouldnt allow me to start in safe mode or with the command prompt I also had to go back more than 60 days before the restore point would work thus losing some programs that I have paid to download in order to get rid of it. I have since scanned via Hitman Pro 36 which found no malware. As I want to try to prevent it happening again I signed up for Mcafee virtual Technician to check my system as I could not understand why this trojan had got through your software.

      The technician scans my computer and tells me my poducts are out of date and need updating despite the desktop program telling me all elements are up to date.This has really made me lose confidence in your products. My other pc which runs Norton on XP has has had no such issues.


      What can you do or what can I install which will prevent this issue happening in the future to prevent me moving my subsciption to an alternate anti virus provider.

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          Peter M

          I trust you temporarily disabled System Restore to rid the machine of the bad restore point.


          The MVT only checks the software for problems and can be mistaken especially if System Restore has been employed.  If you updated and the desktop user interface of SecurityCenter is green then you are protected against the millions of trojans, viruses and worms that any reputable antivirus, McAfee or Norton for example, protects against.


          What none of them will protect you against is fake anti-malware for many reasons, mainly because in itself it is neither a virus, a worm or a trojan, and secondly they don't do anything until activated by the user...even clicking on a popup thinking you are getting rid of it can activate it.   If it happens again don't click anything, power off immediately and then boot into Safe Mode to initiate System Restore.


          It's unfortunate it hit you but you and all of us just have to be extremely careful these days about where we go, what we click on and download etc. etc. and make sure the system is totally up to date, that includes any part(s) of it you may not use, Internet Explorer for example if you use another browser.


          I know these things leave a bitter taste in the mouth and believe me, we've all been through malware hell at some stage or another, but you have to ask the question, was the Norton XP machine doing exactly the same surfing, downloading etc. etc. as that machine?   I doubt it, so the comparison is invalid.


          I repeat, none of the major antivirus software makers can combat these fake antimalware pests effectively, hence the need for specialist software.


          However, McAfee, like Norton et alia, have special tools which one can download if needed.   See the last link in my signature for those and more tools and hints.


          Good luck.




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