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    McShield and MyAgtsvc process problem


      First of all, I tried McAfee Virtual Technicien and it told me : Product Upgrade Required

      Product Name : Total Protection Service - Agent
      Product Version :

      Do I have to install update ?

      The real problem is :

      My cpu is at 100% for 30 second by MyAgtsvc process (Memory used up to 235 mo) and after McShield freeze the computer for 10 seconds when windows start.

      After I have a lot of cpu spiking and it makes my computer almost unusable.

      I thougt it was another software that cause the problem. So I made a fresh windows XP SP3 installation and the problem still there.
      I've got a problem with CabInstaller the first time, I installed Mcafee.
      So I try to do the solution there : https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB55273
      But everything was fine in the regestry.

      Our szDownloadServer is : http://vs.mcafeeasap.com/SW/ENU/VS47

      The specification of my computer is:
      Processeor : P4 1.8ghz
      Memory : 1go
      OS : Windows XP Pro SP3 (French)
      Mother board : Intel D845EBG2
      Video card : ATI radeon 7000

      I have another computer with the same specification but it's working much better.

      Is there anything that I can try to solve the problem ?
      Or is there a way to minimize the ressource that mcafee need to run ?

      Thank you