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    Reason Why Deploy Agent Client Task Fails To Laptops?


      I'm trying to deploy the latest agent  from ePO 4.6.3 to laptops that have never had McAfee installed.  The same task  works fine on desktops.

      I have tried on WIFI and I have tried connecting a laptop to a wired port.  It fails whether I do a group of laptops or a single a laptop.

      Server log says "Status Failed", but I don't know where to look for details on what exactly is happening.  I looked in the event log of the laptops and I don't see any reference to an attempted installation.



      7/24/12 11:03:34 AM Started: Deploy McAfee Agent to systems task
      7/24/12 11:03:34 AM Deploying one agent
      7/24/12 11:09:34 AM Completed: 0
      7/24/12 11:09:34 AM Failed: 0
      7/24/12 11:09:34 AM Expired: 1
      7/24/12 11:09:34 AM Deploy McAfee Agent





      on 7/24/12 1:17:38 PM CDT