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    McAfee Agent deplyment vs. update task


      We deploy the McAfee Agent (v. 4.5) to our client computers through a task sequence. On the server the agent gets installed manually.


      In ePO I have a client task named "Deploy McAfee Agent". It is a "Product Deployment Task" with the settings according the printscreen (task.PNG). You can see the schedule in the "sched.PNG" printscreen.


      Because we don't deploy the Agent through ePO, should I change the "Product Deployment Task" to a "Product Updat Task"? And how should I schedule the task?


      Thanks for your advice.

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          You can't deploy an agent with a task unless there is already an agent installed on the client as it's the client agent that processes and actions the task. (I treat a agent deployment task more like an agent update)


          You can't change a product deployment task into a product update task you would just create a new product update task and assign it along with the schedule to the client / system tree group.

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            Thanks for your answer. I know that the agent has to be installed on the system. In our environment the Agent gets installed through a System Center Task Sequence.


            What I wanted to say is, should i delete the deployment task and create an update task, scheduled as above?

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              Up to you really. You could recycle it to deploy another application like VSE for example.


              Are you using ePO 4.5 or 4.6?


              4.6 has a slight tweak in the way you assign tasks and schedules where you can define task separately and mix and match assignments and schedules.


              If your using 4.5 then, and if i remember correctly, it's a little more rigid.


              Probably easier to delete it and start again.

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