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    Engine 5400 released

      http://www.mcafee.com/apps/downloads/security_updates/engines.asp?region=us&segm ent=enterprise


      - It's faster than before : We've listened to
      our customers who asked for a faster Engine
      and it delivers superior performance to
      current McAfee Anti-Virus products on all
      supported platforms.

      - Improved detection of existing, new and
      potential threats which increases the depth
      and breadth of the protection we provide.

      - Delivered in a engine for all supported platforms
      ~ Enhanced support for Adobe Flash (.swf) file

      ~ Improved File Decomposition, helping us to
      detect more threats. Including enhanced
      support for the Nullsoft Installer file

      - 100% drop-in compatibility with existing McAfee
      Anti-Virus products and DAT files. It's easy to
      upgrade; just update your Scanning Engine through
      ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) and you're protected.
      No worrying about compatibility.

      - We have digitally signed the engine to allow its
      origin and integrity to to be checked.(Windows
        • 1. 5400 Scan Engine Install error
          I have the follwoing installed on my Windows XP SP2 desktop:
          VSE 8.7
          AntiSpyware 8.7
          5301 Scan Engine
          McAfee Agent

          When I try to install the latest 5400 Scan engine I get the following error:
          Error: Unrecognized command in script file. : Line: 1327

          Error appears after I click on the first "Next" button. Any Ideas?
          • 2. RE: 5400 Scan Engine Install error
            I updated my engine through EPO. I have 8.7i with sp1.
            • 3. RE: 5400 Scan Engine Install error
              Updated yesterday no problems
              • 4. my experiences
                I've tried the Engine-only Superdat File (Intel) from the page you linked to on a few machines with varying degrees of success:

                On a 32 bit XP SP3 machine with VSE 8.5p8 it works fine.

                On a 64 bit Vista SP2 machine with VSE 8.5p8 only the 32 bit engine is updated. THe 64 bit engine is still reported as the old one in the About box. I just found the reason for that in KB51293.

                On a 64 bit Windows 7 RTM test machine with VSE 8.7 P1 the installation seems to work, but nothing turns out to be updated. Maybe I should try the EPO-version also available for download.

                I also got that script error eSavvy mentions on the Win 7 machine, but then I tried again, this time right-clicking on the EXE and selecting Run as Administrator, and then I got past that message (not that this applies to XP really but I thought I should mention it).

                (I also noticed that the Engine-only Superdat File I downloaded has a invalid signature from McAfee as reported by Windows, if you right-click on the file and go to properties).

                / Erik
                • 5. RE: my experiences
                  "SuperDAT Engine update packages do not contain the 64-bit Engine binary, mcscan64a.dll"


                  And why not, I ask myself.

                  McAfee really has lost the plot.
                  • 6. RE: my experiences
                    So far, I've used the Engine-only superdat on about 50 machines which include XP SP2, XP SP3, and Windows 2000 SP4, all 32 bit systems. The updates have been made to VS 8.0i Patch 14, 8.5i Patch 8, and 8.7i Patch 1. All have updated fine using the standalone superdat although it seems to take a couple of minutes for the new scan engine version to show up in the system tray icon..

                    Hope this helps.

                    • 7. Problem Solved for me.
                      Thanks everyone for your responses. I had to disable on-access protection and then install it. Not sure why this was the case for this one particular computer but all other systems upgraded correctly using ePO or via manual install.

                      • 8. when released to the Internet?
                        Does someone know when engine 5400 will be available to unmanaged clients?

                        reg, Henno.
                        • 9. RE: when released to the Internet?

                          The Engine Only SuperDAT update is for Standalone (unmanaged) clients. However, it does not update the 64bit side of the engine. On 64 bit systems, the 32 bit part of the engine Is updated. For now, you need ePO to deploy the 64 bit version. I have not heard any release dates on a standalone update for 64 bit part of the engine.

                          Ron Metzger