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    UKash metropolitan virus

      Hi All

      I,ve just joined and am new to this.

      Wonder if anyone can help, my computer was recently infected with the above virus even thou mcfee was running, (it causes the computer to freeze with a screen that you can,t get rid off).

      I eventually got my computer back up and running through safe mode and restoring it to an earlier point.

      I did a scan with microsort security essentials which got rid off about 5 trojans then mcfee updated i did a scan with that which rid me off somemore. But since then my computer is running slow and i,m not sure if it might still be infected. Any ideas or help would be welcome




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          Peter M

          It's dangerous having 2 antivirus applications installed at once so you have to choose which one you want, MSE or McAfee.   Having 2 can actually cause issues.  Either one isn't perfect and it's common knowlegde that one A/V may catch something one minute that another doesn't, but the reverse could just as easily be true.


          Look in the last clickable link in my signature and download Stinger and Malwarebytes Free, run them and see if they catch anything.

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            Peter M

            On second thought you should perhaps also run Hijackthis and post a log on one of those specialist forums as suggested lower down on that same link.