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    Antivirus for VDI(Virtual desktop infrastructure)

    Hemant Koli

      Hello Everyone..


      I have heard  about McAfee MOVE which is designed for VDI technologies. So my query is "Can we install McAfee VSE on VDI & if yes what will be that impacts ????............"

      So please let me know the best way to protect VDI (can we install VSE or MOVE & why ????.....)


      Please help..................


      Thanks in Advance

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          You're better off contacting your McAfee reseller/distributor. They'll provide you with all the information you need and can help you make the right choice taking into account your infrastructure and needs.

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            You can do either solution. But MOVE is toted as allowing greater density for your host.

            The other point in favor of MOVE is you avoid "storms", such as update-storm or OnDemand Scan-storm, where each VM running VSE engages in those actions and brings the host to a crawl, affecting everybody. I've seen it happen, and it's painful . Can be avoided with some juggling of scheduled tasks and VSE-OVI the offline virtual image scanner.


            MOVE seems much less of a headache, in my opinion.

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              I run MOVE-Multi-Platform for my VDI environment as well as my virtual server environment. I covering over a 1000 systems and growing to 20K with the use of only 6 scanning servers.  Theoreticaly a single scanner can scan 400 systems so for every 400 system I have 2 scanners. I as a fail over.


              It does lack ODS but coing in next version. Also have no way to montor scanning serevr resources related to other than their built in cmd line tool. Good information but needs to be exported to ePO to manage scanning servers to see if you are runnig out of resources and need to add another scanner.

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                To answrer your question MOVE has three different deployemnt option. MOVE Scheduler. VSE reamains installed on assets and you configure a policy around how and when a scan should run. The other 2 solutions of MOVE Multi-Platform and Agentless you remove VSE from endpoints and allow scanning servers do teh work.