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    Firewall Won't Stay Turned On

      This topic has been here before from what I can see.


      Win 7 Home Premium, Dell Computer, all updates installed - last was a week ago.


      Problem is that five days ago my firewall began to turn off with the usual msg of computer at risk.  Attempts to turn back on would only leave it on for a few seconds then it would turn off again.  After reboot it would stay on five minutes then start turning off.  Diid deep scans with McAfee and System Mechanic, only error was "Firewall Off".


      Called McAfee support and after taking over my computer, the tech uploaded a program called "wff".  I went through the steps of restarting in Safe Mode With Networking, installed it, and rebooted.  From that point on, the computer is unable to access the internet.


      Called tech support again and was referred to a higher level of support.  I clicked on "OK" and got a msg to the effect that there would be a wait for a technician.  Never got past that point after four attempts.  Got a msg asking if my problem was solved with a link and case number to respond to but they keep referring me to the same dead end.


      Installed and ran McAfee Stinger.  It found three instances of "ss! aac trojan !!" in the "wff" file.  I deleted wff but still can not turn on the firewall. Ran the "Anti Malware" program recommended and it found a number of issues and corrected some but I still cannot use the computer on the Internet.


      I am about to give up and either reformat C:\ or buy a new hard drive.


      Can anyone help?



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          Hi stevewm,


          First of all I’m really sorry for the inconvenience caused.

          Kindly follow these steps and update me on the status.


          Run the Internet Explorer Troubleshooter.


          1. Exit all programs.

          2. Start, and then click Control Panel.

          Note: Make sure that
          Control Panel content is in "Category" view.

          Firewall Diag 1.JPG

          3. Under System and Security, click Find and fix problems.

          Firewall Diag 2.JPG

          4. In the task pane on the left, click View All.

          Firewall Diag 3.JPG


          5. Performance or Internet Connections.

          Firewall Diag 5.JPG

          6. In the new window, click next.

          Firewall Diag 7.JPG

          7. After the troubleshooter has successfully run and fixed all identified problems, click Close, and then try to surf the Internet again.

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            Thanks for the suggestion, Jai.  I worked on the infected machine this morning and could not get to connect to the internet.  Ran troubleshooter several times and ended with the msg "Local Area Network unable to get a valid IP address" or "Wireless Network unable ..........................."  I am working from a computer connected to the same router at the moment.


            Prior to this all happening I kept getting a notice of "Zero Access" trojan that McAfee indicated was quarantined.  Just before the latest event I had a page flashing up on my screen that started out with "Bad Dog" and some other script (flashed so fast I was unable to read the rest.  Now the history log shows something else, basically a bunch of scrambled alpha numerics.


            Several different attempts to isolate the offending files with various scanning programs indicate three unidentified files they are unable to clean.  Stinger is the only program that names them, and all are related to the aac trojan I mentioned earlier. I am not sure where to go from here other than deleting McAfee.  Only issue is that it came installed on the machine and I don't have disks to reinstall.



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              I am in exactly the same boat with my acer pc - firewall wont stay on...


              Contacted support who took control of pc ran a tool called wff from a site named www.mfetools.com and then advised reinstalling software...

              NOTE: the domain mfetools is not owned by McAfee - should I be concerned by this?


              Anyway, I have the zeroaccess infection that stinger picks up - SuperAntiSpyware finds and thinks removes it but it doesn't!


              As this is an Acer touchscreen PC I don't have WIndows disks...


              What next....


              Any help is appreciated in this post or a seperate one - although there seems to be hundreds of the same themed posts...




              PS I am sorely tempted to go an buy a Mac - everybody I know with a Mac seems to just have a computer that works!!!!!

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                McAfee  released a ZeroAccess rootkit removal tool. You can download it from the removal section of the virus description for the ZeroAccess rootkit and readup on the instructions on cleaning this.


                It may help see also what Jai says

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                  Attempted to use Zero Access Rootkit removal tool.  Got a msg back saying 64 bit OS not supported yet.



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                    Darn now I remember that  sorry wil ask

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                      Hi stevewm,


                      It appears like this issue needs some more diagnostics, I have sent you an e-mail requesting for more details on the same. Kindly have it replied so that we can help you better on this issue.

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                        I am looking for the email to "address removed for security Jai will have your details " but haven't seen it yet.  Basedon Google searches of the web this virus is spreading and has affected a lot of users.  Users of all the major anti virus programs seem to reporting the same issues I have.  Mine "may not" be the Zero Access trojan as McAfee kept reporting it had been quarantined but something else attached to it but the symptoms seem to be the same.




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                          My computer has been infected with Security shield virus. Could not go to internet I then went to safe mode and ran root kit stinger.  Stinger found virus a number of Zero Access Trojans Also found MalHeur-FAC!E5B0BCC8ACC40 Trojan it said it could not repair I .
                          I ran stinger again after taking off system protection it now shows no Trojans  

                          I ran bugbear also no bugbear virus found. Ran Microsoft Security essentials


                          Problem I have now is MacAfee Firewall will not stay on. It shows it is on but, when I go to setting to check it show that firewall is off I go to turn on and it keeps going off.  When I go to windows firewall to turn it on an error message comes on. ( Message is can’t change some setting error 0x80070424)

                          Operating system is window 7 

                          Manufacturer is Dell 


                          What can I do next Thanks

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