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    VPN Client for mobile phone


      has anyone success in create a vpn connection between a smartphone and an mcafee firewall applicance (sidewinder 7.0)

      i made several tests on android phone

      - i try with the built-in client...i succeed in connection, but not usuable

      - i try with https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.ncp.vpn.preview NCP Secure Client : it works but only in wifi not in 3G

      - i try with the built-in client on osx (the same in iPad) and no success..


      i'm interested to know if someone made other trial ?

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          I'm not personally aware of any, but as long as the client is fully IPSec-compliant it should work.


          The problem, you may find, is that not all phones have a full IP network stack (or require special priviledges to access it) or that those clients available share similarities with the Cisco IPSec client which is slightly different. I believe that the iPad client is also a derivative of the Cisco application.