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    Computer At Risk.......Again


      A few weeks ago my laptop started to display the 'You PC is at Risk' message, my software was not showing as active, so I called / emailed McAfee.

      Several hours later they said it was my Service Pack and wanted to charge me to put things right.

      I followed a very helpful discussion thread and added a few comments - and got things back on track by amending my DAT details.

      The other day my laptop ran some Windows updates and ......you guessed it, my McAfee has started to show the 'At Risk' message.

      Getting a bit fed up of this and basically want to know from the community if there is anything I can do - or is it going to be a case of having to go through this DAT process and potentially having to re-install McAfee after every Windows update???????

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          Peter M

          What operating system and service pack is this anyway and is it totally up to date?   That message can appear for a number of reasons but the usual one is that an update hasn't been allowed to happen for a while.  The software polls for updates frequently and actual updates occur at least once daily, so if the laptop was disconnected from the Internet for a few days, that would be considered a normal response.


          Also make sure that your system clock is accurate, both time and timezone-wise.




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            Operating system Windows 7 home premium - Service Pack 1.o installed and up to date. I've spent my weekend updating everything on the laptop - including DAT updated to 6780. Virus scan now shows that there are no problems, but I STILL get the at risk message and my subscription has not apparently been renewed for 400+ days. I can't re-install McAfee as the Tech Team said it may cause problems on my laptop which could require a re-install of the original operating system for which I have no disks etc as the laptop came with everything pre-installed. Sorry to sound so non-technical,,, but I am! and I'm also a bit miffed!!!!!  So, am I at risk or not??

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              Peter M

              I've never heard of that, which Tech Team, your ISP, PC Maker or McAfee?


              In the meanwhile you could try this, it's an old FAQ but should still work,


              Subscription  Repair Tool

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                Thanks for the link. It was the McAfee Tech Team by the way.


                I've established that my subscription is valid until 28/01/13 so there is no reason for it to say that it's expired etc.


                I tried the solutions on the link -

                If I right click on the M icon or double click I don't see Navigation or Verify subscription etc.

                As I said, I'm not technical and so I'm struggling a bit here!

                Thanks for your help so far - I think I'll get in touch with the tech people again and ask for a refund - I've spent hours on this and somehow I don't think I should have to!!!!!

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                  Peter M

                  You could try simply uninstalling via Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a Program

                  Run the cleanup tool (MCPR) linked under Useful Links at the top of this page

                  Reboot and reinstall from the online account.


                  That should sort it out and it isn't too technical.