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    Average time to  scan for the job




           I try find out how long is take to a scan to server and generate result be done? What is be Average time like.

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          John M Sopp

          It depends on alot fo factors:

          Scan side:

          • Scan throttling settings
          • Number of vulns selected
          • Port scan parameters
          • Host discovery parameters
          • Advanced service discovery settings


          Host/network side

          • OS (windows hosts have more checks and typically more vulns)
          • Network Latency
          • Softwar/patches installed
          • Open ports
          • host response time


          If you've heard this phrase from mcafee, they are exactly right- "it depends"


          I can offer you a suggestion- create a scan template with all of the options that you will be using to scan most of your systems. Then, create a scan and point it at a good sample population of the hosts you intend to scan regualrly. Perhaps you want to group hosts by operating system so you can get a decent metric of how long it takes typically per host

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