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    Few queries on SNMP monitoring of Web Gateway version 7.2

      I am planning to set SNMP traps or polling for McAfee Webgateway version 7.


      I have enabled error handler and Incident handler rules for the same.


      We are integrating with Opsview monitoring system.


      I want to understnad what is better: trap or polling?


      Also where I can find list of OIDs as I would need to enter OIDs in opsview if I go for polling. If I go for traps then I have to wait for snmp traps to be generated from webgateways and then create rules on my opsview application for those traps accordingly.


      I think if I go for polling with the list of OIDs in hand then I can configure opsview accordingly without waiting for traps to be generated for a specific event/incident.


      Please advise.


      - Heena