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    Failover ePO setup - 4.6




      I am having plan to implement the Disaster Recovery or Failover setup for ePO in my organization, below is the scenario and please share your views or if the below scenerio not feasible then which is the ideal scenerio to have failover site.

      Component Details :

      Primary ePO server ePO1 with ePODB1 (SQL Server)

      Secondary ePO server ePO2 with ePODB2 (SQL Server)

      ePO Version will be 4.6 p3


      So with these components, my Primary ePO server is communicating with all 7k+ clients. If any thing goes wrong then the secondary ePO server ePO2 (with having ePODB2 as db) will get control of all clients and perform all action that primary server does.


      Please help me with this scenario if it’s possible.