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    Agent deployment fails in ePO 4.6 after an hour


      When I try to deploy agents (manually, or via automated tasks)  , I see in the log that the percentage goes from 0 to 50 , 60 ,... and when it reaches 100% it just says Failed.

      There are no subtasks which is strange because it should at least display the machines it tries to send the agent to and a reason of the faillure.

      Sometimes (but not always) it actually installs the agent on the client although I get the failed message.


      When I restart the e-PO services , I can deploy agents without any problems for about 1 hour , and then it starts to fail again. 


      (As a workaround , I now restart the e-PO services right before my automated deployments)


      Does anyone have any idea what this could be ? I don't see any problems in the logfiles ...


      This problem started 4 weeks ago on our ePO 4.6.2 , I upgraded to 4.6.3 but problem remains.    I tried to re-check in agent 4.6 in case it was corrupt , but to no avail.