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    Universal account

      Hello All!

      I use EEPC 6.1.2 managed from ePO 4.6, ePO sinchronyses with AD every 5 minutes,we has a HelpDesk team which acord support and assistance for our users. This team has an administrative domain acccount which is assigned to all encrypted laptops, my question is: In case of Windows Crash, my helpdesk team can put the hard-drive into USB rack and connect to other encrypted laptop to backup data??? Please! I need the solution ASAP!


      Thank you wery much!!!

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          For your case you need to use EETech WinPE bootable cd. simplest way I would suggest is to attach another HD to the crashed machine.

          After providing code of the day and key you can copy data from your crashed HD to receently attached HD.

          If machies MBR is corrupt then you might need to do a manual decryption first.

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            So! thank you but maybe anybody know some other ways?

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              If the laptop you are slaving it to booted from an encrypted drive, then you can't slave an encrypted drive from another machine.


              If you boot from unencrypted media (hdd or cd etc) then you can slave a drive from another machine with eetech.


              That's all your options, other than I guess network boot an os?