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    Authenticate via PBFS in EEPC 6.2


      I have question regarding EEPC. I deployed EEPC 6.2 on my client than I added user userA and than policy. Everything works fine including SSO. But now when I added additional user "userB" and then I checked EPE.log I saw that userB was added. The problem occured  when I login via PBFS as a userB. PBFS recognises the userB but after login, the EEPC preboot created error that the password is wrong.  For the userA everything works well including EEPC SSO into Windows7. The password for userB is correct because when  login into Win7 with userA (I write password only in preboot because I configured in policy SSO) and change the user to userB the password work well.


      Thank for your feedback.

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          Just reset your password for user b. even though you think you know the right password, if the preboot tells you the password is incorrect, then it must be.


          It could be keyboard layout problems etc, but if the preboot rejects the password, the what you are typing is not what it needs to decrypt the key.



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            Now the preboot gives me 30 min timeout when I write in password.  The keyboard is OK because I checked typing of letters during writing the username.  I used a password for userB which was synchronised during LDAP synchronised task (password from AD not default EEPC password which is 12345)

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              I think you misunderstand the product - it's not possible to sync passwords from ad to eepc, ad does not know what your password is. Password sync happens on the client itself when you enter them.


              Your best bet is to simply go through a password reset for this user, or try 12345 if you've never set a password for this account.


              Remember, if you used user b before, the password will still be set. Eepc does not keep a separate password for every user/machine - passwords for users trend to the same wherever that user is assigned.