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    RSD Matching

      EPO 4.5

      RSD 4.5


      Two subnets (.11. , .21.)

      Two RSD Deployed


      Currently have a set up with multiple servers with two NICs/IPs.








      Most machines will have the McAfee agent installed on the primary data NIC (in the example .11.), and use .21. for management.


      Even if the machine has MA installed "on one interface" (say .11.), the same machine's other interface (.21.) is being reported as rogue.


      Info on the RSD page for .21. network doesn't always seem to populate NetBIOS info.


      I've currently got RSD Marching setup simply by Static IP with the followin in the Static IP box



      How can I set it up to group/match these properly?

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          The RSD will scan all IPs it can see. It isn't tied to a particular NIC


          Have you tried excluding the .21. subnet in the RSD policy in ePO?




          Or is it that you are trying to have one server monitor one subnet and one monitor the other. In which case you could have two seperate policies one for each server each policy excluding the necessary subnet. e.g Server1 policy excludes subnet ,11. Server2 policy excludes .21. subnet

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            I don't want to exclude .21. because there are a handful of machines with only .21. IPs


            A majority of the enclave has a .11 and .21. though and was hoping that RSD/EPO would be able to determine that .21.15 is the same box as .11.15


            But it's currently not doing that.


            .21. machines are displayed in the RSD screen with full details (Hostname, FQDN, IP, MAC etc) and .11. machines simply have the IP/MAC.

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              Don't quote me but i think RSD does it's detections based on a NICs MAC address. You have two NICs therefore it's detected twice