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    Post and Pre Viral Scan - run a batch file or cmd - Virus Scan Ent. & Anti Spy Ent 8.8

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      I am new to McAfee Virus Scan Enterprise and AntiSpyware Enterrprise 8.8.   I am an IIS 6.0/7.0 specialist.  We run the McAffee product where it can consume 100% CPU on a Windows 2003 Server (Virtualised)  -ref Taskmgr.  This server is load balanced with another with an F5 unit I would like to: at at set day and time - divert traffic to another server,  stop IIS with IISReset, run my anti viral/spyware scan, when the scan finishes, start IIS with IISReset and redirect traffic back.  I have no access to McAffee.  I am told this is not possible. I want to check with someone else.  I have seen this done with backup software.


      Can the anti viral scan job be altered to run a pre or post scan script or command to allow for something on the lines I am suggesting to work?


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