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    We can´t download DAT 6776 on HTTP


      Hello !


      Today we can´t  download new avvdat-6776.zip from http McAFee in our ePO repository. 
      (e-mail about DAT 6776 published at 18.7.2012 18:35 CET)

      We have this message:

      McAfeeHttp ERROR

      Failed to validate repository McAfeeHttp.
      File C:\Windows\TEMP\nai82E2.tmp\00000002\avvdat-6776.zip found size 58000460, expected size 102907568


      When we ran manually ePO task (http) and we could see the same error.

      When we in task used FTP so this update it was succesfully.

      This problem ware on more servers (in others location and one in another company).


      We will see more tomorrow :-)




      ePO 4.6 SP3

      VirusScan 8.8 P1 + HFX 735512

      HIPS 8.0 (build 1919) + content 4485




      Have someone the same problem ? 


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