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    Security and contact problem.


      18 July 2012 - (not sure how Communities site works - sorry.)


      - opened my bank account page and a suspicious pop-up appeared which asked for login confidential word, credit card info, dob, etc.  Phoned bank who said pop-up was not theirs, and probably cause was pc security issue.

      - full scan performed and GenericPWS.y!1qq (Trojan) found and quarantined.   Trojan was found in ... \Local Settings\temp\tmp4b3b6eea\****.exe

      - how did this get past McAfee security?

      - but pop-up still appears.

      - tried unsuccesfully to use McAfee.com to contact Customer Services, Contact Us,Technical Support, Customer Support, etc but all links immediately led to Google home page with an error message "404 = That's an error, requested URL not found on this server."

      - this community site is the only way I could report my problem.


      I can provide screen shots of pop-ups and error messages if of any help.


      I would appreciate any advice please, especially from a McAfee Technician/Administrator.

      I am a low-level user and do not tinker with pc settings, unless given step-by-step instructions written for an idiot.

      I should like to email this problem directly to McAfee who have helped in the past.


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          Peter M

          I'm not sure why a full scan would catch something and not the real-time scanning either I'm afraid.


          Try booting to Safe Mode with Networking (reached by tapping F8 repeatedly while booting up and it's usually the second item on the ensuing menu) which hopefully will give you Internet access without the malware.


          Download and save to your desktop Stinger and Malwarebytes Free - both linked in that last clickable link in my signature, but rename them using the 'Save as' option, so the malware wont detect them in regular mode.


          Stinger would have to be run in regular mode but Malwarebytes can be installed, updated and run in that mode if you wish.


          Plus you could try initiating System Restore whilst in that mode to go back to before all this started if the above fails to work.


          In the case of infection Support, which is normally free, can't help unless you are prepared to pay for professional virus removal, so just as well you didn't get through as there are always free alternatives.


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            Ex_Brit - many, many thanks.  Pop-up now removed, and access to mcafee.com restored

            MBAM found & removed 5 suspicious items.  Why isn't easy access to it part of the Mcafee Security package?

            I've still to use Stinger.

            We live in Inverness and went to a funeral last week in Morpeth, quite near Newcastle & Sunderland.

            Thanks once more.


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              Peter M

              I'm glad it's fixed.   MBAM is a good one to keep around - just in case.    Just update it periodically.


              It's years since I was on my home turf.   I miss a few things that only exist in that area - sarsaparilla pop for one....LOL


              All the best.   ;-)