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    Chinese and Japanese content blockage required in IronMail


      Is it possible that I block all chinese and Japanese language contents in IronMail inbound mail ? Any mail which is in Chinese or Japanese must be blocked ? As one of my internal user have recieved spam which is in chinese. Although Dictionary of Chinese is enabled but this spam email score was 41 in which UHA =10 AND TS =31 , but no score has been given to any of the chinese dictionaries. Might be content didnot match . What is the way to block all Chinese or Japanese content ?

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          Make a dictionary called  "No Oriental Character Set" (or whatever)

          Set it to search the 'header' of the email/extracted text


          Add in the character sets from the emails in languages you want stopped


          eg. for Chinese you would add




          I set a similar rule to just big5 and gb2312 some time back, not sure why I took out the "charset=" part.  Maybe Ironmail had an issue with it at some point.  



          Looks like a complete list of character sets here:http://a4esl.org/c/charset.html


          Setup the actions and apply the rule appropriately.