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    Windows Home Protector malware

      Experienced a session today with Windows Home Protector malware.  Running a complete scan.  Will the current software detect and disable this?

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          Peter M

          Moved to Malware Discussion for better attention.


          Not sure if this would be detected or not as I've never heard of it.    Your first weapon against anything like this is System Restore which can be initiated in Safe Mode if necessary.   Use that to go back to before it all happened.


          Then try Stinger and Malwarebytes Free linked in the last clickable link in my signature below.

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            Restored to 7/1, two weeks before the problem.  Thought everything O.K. until today.  Deleted IE browsing history, files and cookies,  Started IE later and Home Protector task prevented IE from executing.  I terminated it via Task Manager.  Able, after multiple tries to get into IE and download Stinger.   Ran Mcaffee scan, nothing shows.  Ran Stinger; nothing.  Version of Stinger is  Followed process from Malware document from McAfee for FakeAlert Trojans (clear browser cache, run Stinger as Administrator); nothing indicated.  Required reading document says version of Stinger should be 10.1.xx.xxx (general version), but couldn't locate it.

            Haven't been able to download Malwarebytes_Free, but will keep trying.

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              Downloaded and installed Malwarebytes_Free; ran Quick Scan; nothing.  Will run Full Scan, which may take some time.

              (Ran Stinger with standard Preferences.  Did not disable System Restore befor runnin Stinger.  Malware document indicates threat may be able to copy to restore point.)


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                Peter M

                After doing a System Restore to clean malware you should then temporarily disable System Restore to get rid of the infected restore point(s) and then update your system and McAfee etc.

                But from what you say, the infection may still be around.


                As per my link, Malwarebytes free can be downloaded, installed, updated and run all in 'Safe Mode with Networking' if necessary.   Try that by tapping F8 repeatedly while booting up and selecting that choice from the menu, usually #2..   Hopefully your internet connection will work in that mode.


                Faling that you can try downloading it using another machine and saving it to a USB flash drive and renaming it in the process.     That way it may fool the malware into allowing it to install.

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                  Peter M

                  If all else fails you could call on the experts.  It's free but will take a little while to get a solution.  In that link in my signature, near the bottom, is reference to Hijackthis.   Try running that and posting it's log along with the symptoms on one of the forums mentioned there for expert advice.

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