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    Oracle Executables Removed by UVScan?

      Hi all,


      I have a puzzling problem.  I am an Oracle Database Administrator working with Oracle support trying to build a Grid Control Server on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 server hosted on VMWare .  I am executing a lot of Oracle command line utlities.   On four occassions now I have run these commands only to find subsequently that the executable has been zeroed out.  The file remains but is zero bytes.  It doesn't happen every time and I think may depend on what parameters I am using.  Foilowing these events I have to get a copy of the file and reload it to the server.   The only thing I can think is that this is the way anti-virus treats a hostile program either deleting or quaranteening it.  I have no previous experience with anti-virus on Linux and from what I can tell UVScan only runs once a day from a chron job.  It runs on demand and finds nothing.



      I can't tell if its only signature based or behavior based or configurable.  I can't tell where it writes log files.   Nobody seems to know or understand how it works or what else might be running in the enterprise that might be doing this.  Any ideas would be appreciated and helpful!