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    Laptop - Cannot get an IP address

    Steve Chmiewliski

      Hello All


      Ok current config is


      Windows 7 and XP

      Hips -

      Host Intrusion Prevention Content - 4485


      Still running a small pilot with the Firewall and IP set to adaptive mode. We also have the options set to turn off the Host IPS, Network IPS and Firewall. We are using the "Mcafee typical corporate environment" Firewall policy.

      Everything works fine on the corporate network but say a user takes the laptop home and wants to use internet access for instance they can't.

      When they try to connect to either Wifi or via a cable connected to there router they can't. They get the message that they have a limited connection.

      They have the default Microsoft IP address 169.254.*.* and they are unable to get an ip address from there routers.


      If we go into quick setting and turn Host IPS, Network IPS and Firewall off the users are still unable to use there home routers. The only way for them to gain access is to completely uninstall HIPS from there laptops then they are able to connect to there routers straight away.


      I have searched the KB articles and have not found anything yet. I see that patch 2 may have the cure but the release date has been put back until September some time but could slip again. Has anyone else come across this issue and if so any resolution to it ?


      Many thanks in advanced

      Steve C

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          Kary Tankink

          Try disabling the IPS and FW Startup Protection features. 


          In the HIPS IPS Options policy, disable the Startup IPS Protection feature.

          In the HIPS FW Options policy, disable the Allow only outgoing traffic until the Host IPS service has started feature.

          Reboot and see if the issue still occurs.


          Also try uninstalling Microsoft QoS, reboot, and retry.


          KB72097 - LAN / Wi-Fi / VPN Client / network connection fails to connect with Host Intrusion Prevention 8.0 / 7.0

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            Steve Chmiewliski

            Thanks Kary


            Will let you know how it goes..

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              Steve Chmiewliski

              Ok have done some limited testing as the device is locked down and I'm awaiting the local admin info


              When connecting to Wifi, if the Wifi radio is turned off and then turned on when Windows 7 is running it connects to the router but never completes correctly. If I leave the Wifi radio turned on and then reboot the device, Windows 7 is then able to connect correctly and has access to the internet etc


              I have noticed that with Windows 7 if you connect to a new network with HIPS installed sometimes you do not get the pop screen to select the network location, (e.g. Home Network, Work Network, Public Network). Which would explain why the network connection does not complete correctly.

              Once I have the local admin access I will troubleshoot the services etc and feedback

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                Kary Tankink

                FYI, I would suggest you open a McAfee Support Service Request (if you are able to) once you have further information that this is a Host IPS issue to troubleshoot this further.