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    Mirror task failed

      Hi all, i have viruscann enterprise 8.7i patch 1 installed on win2003 server sp2 with mcafee agent patch1, patch2 and hotfix installed too.
      I'm not sure about if this installation is a fresh one or an upgrade from 8.0 or 8.5 version, another admin have done that.
      In this situatuion i can do an autoupdate and all works fine but problems start when i set a mirror task.
      c:\antiv87 is my directory for the mirror and my connection to internet is done trought a proxy server.
      When mirror starts one directory labled "current" is created under c:\antiv87 and this grows up and up until to reach 334mb, well after that nothing.
      So under c:\antiv87 i have a log file "replica.log" a directory "current" and nothing else, i know that in this directory i should have files like catalog.z, sitestat.xml, *.gem, update.ini and many many others but i haven't those.

      So someone can help me with this issue, pls?

      P.S. sorry for my bad english