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    Automatically deploy VSE to clients (using epo 4.6.2)


      I've configured our domain (logon script) to install the mcafee agent to any client in our domain when a user is logged on to the domain. But then only the Agent is installed.


      How do i (automatically) deploy VSE to the clients?


      Do i have to create a 'client task' and assign it to a group? I have already such a client task that deploys the VSE, but if i schedule it every day, does it not install again and again to the clients?

      ScreenHunter_ 2012-07-18 10.11.59.jpg

      Or is there some command line for VSE that is checks if it is already installed?


      Or do i need to do this manually? If so, is there a way to create a report/query so i know which clients do not have the VSE installed (yet)?


      Another related question: how can i prevent that a user can uninstalling VSE?