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    Agent with embedded credentials - package does not support embedded credentials


      Creating a FramePkg.exe with embedded credintials (epo > System Tree > System Tree Actions > New systems > 'Create and download agent installation package; see attachment ScreenHunter_ 2012-07-17 16.02.01.jpg) results in the error message "non-embedded package does not support embedded credentials" when running the FramePkg.exe.


      I'm using Epo 4.6.2. Looking at the post https://community.mcafee.com/thread/27328, it looks like I need to 'check in the EC package'.


      In Epo 4.6.2, under Software management, (see attachment ScreenHunter_ 2012-07-17 15.55.00.jpg) both the 'Install - Windows' and 'Install Windows (Embedded Credentials)' are checked in.

      If I choose tha action 'Check In (branch)' for 'Install - Windows (Embedded Credentials)', also the 'Install - Windows' software is checked in automatically.


      It looks like there is no way to only get the EC package. And then create a FramePkg.exe with credentials.


      Now creating a FramePkg with and without credentials, results in two files that have the same size (see attachment ScreenHunter_ 2012-07-17 15.59.31.jpg).


      So how do I get a FramePkg.exe WITH embedde credentials?