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    vunerability check

      I recently ran an independent AV scanner for extra pre-caution. It flag the below copied dll file as a vulnerability.

      When I researched this on the net, I could not see why it would be a vulnerability.I understand it is an adobe flash file to do with Firefox (last modified2009). Do you have any comments? should i delete it?


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          I wouldn't delete it as I think it was only pointing out a possible vulnerability.  However I would go to Adobe and make sure Flash, Shockwave players and Reader (if applicable) were all to date.


          While you're at it you might as well make sure that Java is up date too here:  Java

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            Thanks, Peter- but if only ever use chrome browser, then is there a need for me to maually check these (i understand chrome self updates)?

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              Some software (McAfee included) and certain Windows processes use Internet Explorer regardless of your default browser settings, so it's important that it is also kept up to date along with any associated add-ons.