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    Running MCUPDATE.exe Doesn't Update Virus Definitions

      I am trying to update Virus Scan Enterprise 8.0.0 virus defintions by using MCUPDATE.exe from the command line. The process starts and finishes however the Virus definitions stay the same and it appears as if nothing gets updated. Is it because this version is no longer supported?

      I can do a download from the McAfee website of the definitions and install them manually but I would much rather use the MCUPDATE.exe to do the update..

      My current version is Enterprise 8.0.0
      Buffer Overflow Protection Definitions 131
      Virus Definitions 5354
      Created on August 5, 2008
      Scan engine 5200

      Thank you for any information you can provide.
        • 1. RE: Running MCUPDATE.exe Doesn't Update Virus Definitions
          Why not RIGHT click on the McAfee shield in the lower right corner, then choose "Update Now"?

          It's just as easy, takes the same amount of time to download the update files, uses the same "mcupdate.exe" program file, and seems to work here correctly.

          By the way, you don't show which Patch number you have installed on VS 8.0i.. You'll want to have Patch #14 or later.

          And if you restart the computer after running the mcupdate.exe from the command line, do the definitions then appear to update correctly? Sometimes the DAT number don't change immediately and a reboot fixes the issue.

          Hope this helps.

          • 2. Update of McAfee doesn't update
            Even using right- click update now still doesn't do any type of update.. It goes through the motions but nothing gets updated.. No error messages no nothing
            • 3. RE: Update of McAfee doesn't update
              what patch level of vse 8.0?
              are these managed by EPO or standalone?
              if standalone what check boxes do you have ticked in the autoupdate task?
              if epo then please post an agent log excert covering the update period
              • 4. Virus Updates Don't work
                Current Patch level of Virus Scan Enterprise 8.0.0 is none and these are standalone installations. The Update Options within the VirusScan AutoUpdate Properties are all checked. (Get Newer Detection definition files if available, Get Newer Detection Engines if available, Get Other Available Updates (Service Packs, upgrades, etc)

                It just seems very strange that it goes through all the motions but never does any actual updates. Perhaps something else is disabled somewhere.

                Thanks for any information you can provide.
                • 5. RE: Virus Updates Don't work
                  When you manually update from 'Update Now', what messages are in the update window?

                  Due to recent changes, you may need to modify the update settings. From the VirusScan console, go to AutoUpdate (this is the one called by Update Now), right-click for properties, then UNCHECK 'Get other available updates'. Apply the settings, then try an update.
                  • 6. RE: Virus Updates Don't work
                    That did it.. Thank you very much.. Does anyone think it is kind of ironic that you have to uncheck the updates to get the software to update??

                    Thank you very much!!
                    • 7. RE: Virus Updates Don't work
                      It's only the 'other' updates. The framework that comes with 8.0 is out of date and doesn't support some newer features. It just terminates when trying to read that extra section.

                      Ideally, you should update to 8.5 or 8.7, which come with a newer framework (or whatever set of files are involved with the update.) You can update it, but need a grant number. And 8.0 will be unsupported next March, and no more virus updates will be available.
                      • 8. RE: Virus Updates Don't work
                        Also vse 8.0 baseline without the latest patches runs badly, is insecure in itself, and doesnt provide much protection
                        • 9. RE: Virus Updates Don't work
                          Do you have any documentation anywhere that states this about 8.0.0 so that I can get my management to upgrade? Upgrading is obvious but if they see something from McAfee indicating that not only will it expire in March but the newest version is much more stable and reliable.
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