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    Remote scanning of another XP system

      Does McAfee anti virus support scanning a remote PC? If so, does any software need to be installed on the remote system? Is the scan of the remote system as thorough as one performed on a local system?

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          You'll need complete admin access to a fully shared C: drive and as long as you can access it through the network, virus scan will do an "On Demand Scan" of the drive. For example, I can navigate to a shared network folder using "My Network Places", then RIGHT click on the shared folder, choose "Scan for Threats" and McAfee will scan the folder.

          Hope this helps.

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            Hi Grif,

            Thanks for the information. It does help.

            Does "On Demand Scanning" perform the same thorough scan as if the software was installed on the local drive?

            Lastly, does this software require anything to be installed on the remote drive? A driver, dll, etc. of any sort.

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              Peter M
              I suppose the network method that Grif described would apply to the home products too, so sorry I redirected you. I guess I misunderstood the question.
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                Hi Peter,

                No problem. Better to have more information than less!

                How would that work with the Home version? I would think the license would only allow a single PC to be scanned. Or do I have it wrong?

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                  Peter M
                  I read Grif's explanation as treating that remote machine similarly to an external drive, which of course would be regarded as part of the machine.

                  Grif...can you clarify please?

                  Until he does that I would assume that computers on a network each need to have their own protection installed as far as the home products are concerned.
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                    Scanning a network share does not include process and registry scans and will not be very good on ad/spyware, this applies to both corporate and home versions.

                    seperate machines need their own software ideally, remote scanning a drive/pc is helpfull but not the best option
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                      Yes, Indeed.. Each machine on a network needs to have it's own "realtime" scanner installed.. The method I described only allows for an on-demand scan of the shared files/folders.. Obviously, such procedure can't be an ongoing "realtime" process and as such, a fully installed antivirus is needed.

                      And the type of network isn't important.. If you can "see" the files/folders through a network share, you can run an on-demand scan. As mentioned by others, although each of the scanned files is thoroughly scanned, it does not scan a number of things which are performed by an "on board" realtime scanner.

                      Hope this helps.