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    Duplicate entries in EPO 4.6.2


      I've got multiple duplicate entries in my System Tree. They duplicates are really exactly the same.

      If i move one of the duplicates to another location in my System Tree, also the other entry is automatically moved (see attachment)


      The query: menu > Reporting > Queries & Reports > 'Duplicate Systems Names' is NOT showing any items.


      So it looks like one entry is shown multiple times. Is there a way to fix this?

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          This usually has to do with duplicate properties being reported by a point product. The easiest way to get rid of it is to reset your column selection in your system tree to the default column selection (from the system tree select Actions | Choose Columns | Use Default). To resolve the issue you need to first identify which property is being reported twice. Take a careful look at the all of the columns in the duplicate entries and one of the values will likely differ.

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            Hi jstanley,


            I've looked very careful to the list (see image below), and there are really no differences. In the image below you can see two duplicate entries. Maybe you can spot the difference

            ScreenHunter_ 2012-07-17 16.06.22.jpg


            But i did reverse to the default view, and then the duplicates are not there anymore.


            So when using the default view, is fixing the problem for 50%, because now i have the default view, but i want some extra columns.....


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              I'd add the extra columns in one at a time to see if you can spot which column(s) is causing the problem. Also you can try deleting the machine from the system tree and allow it to re-populate. Careful I would not try this test on a client that is encrypted with EEPC as depending on the version of EEPC it may cause issues.

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                I did add all the extra columns again, only not the ePO server name column, and now no duplicates are shown.

                I do not need the ePO server name anymore, so my problem is fixed.