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    alerts monitoring interface

      At work, I have to develop an interface for monitoring alerts
      - Top 10 infected machines
      - Name/Number of viruses
      based on the database of McAfee (EPO4).

      Certainly the database is very large and contains lots of tables so I wanted to know what tables I will use to reach my goal (which table contains the list of alerts)

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          Laszlo G

          This can be done easily with ePO reports, wouldn't it be easier to use them rather than develop a new report interface?

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            I am using ePO 4.0 with Virus Scan enterprise 8.7i and i have succesfully deployed the clients.


            I have sql management studio express 2005 and I was looking for the table which logs all the virus scan events. I noticed that there were seperate tables for all the other mcafee devices like HIPS, PA but not for Virus Scan???


            Although I did find a few events in the dbo.EPOEvents table but I am looking for more comprehensive logs for the virus Scan..


            Something that I need from ePO reporting is a TABLE FORMAT report of all the malware (alerts) summarized...


            How can I get just the summary information (which tables I will use ?)?  No charts.  No PDF.  Just a TABLE FORMAT report so I can review the matter?