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    Unable to remove or quarantine a trojan from my PC

      A Trojan was dectected on my computer by McAfee.  The software instructions were to shut down the computer so that the McAfee can quarantine the virus.  This was done for three or four times.  Each time the same instructions were given.  McAfee detected an infected file on your PC.  Restart your PC so we can fix it.  more:  about this trojan.  Detected:  Generic Dropper.p Quarantined from C:\WINDOWS\assembly\GAC\DEsktop.ini  I have been unable to remove or quarantine this virus.  Can you please advise?  Thank you.

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          Other users (in other forums) are reporting that this Trojan brings with it the ZeroAccess rootkit, so maybe there's additional malware on your system. Could be the rootkit is replacing the Trojan every time it gets deleted. Try running Rootkit Remover (from HERE) and Stinger (from HERE) and if that doesn't do the trick try HitmanPro, which seems to have a good success rate with the latest ZeroAccess variants.


          Latest information on the Trojan (which is just your average vehicle for other infections) is HERE


          A couple of other reports of this infection are at MajorGeeks and Forospyware.com (Spanish site) where the desktop.ini file is the ZeroAccess rootkit (which figures).


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